Trick Out Your Vehicle with Custom Car Parts from Walnut, CA

A stock vehicle is a blank canvas that’s calling out for an injection of style. Adding custom and performance parts transforms your old sedan or coupe into a rolling expression of coolness and flair. As you trick out your ride, custom car parts from Walnut, CA, will make it a showcase of art. With our assistance, any vehicle improves into something that draws stares on the road. Finding high-quality parts and accessories is a snap when you rely on us at OTB Gear.


It used to be a challenge for customizers to find the exact car parts they needed, but not anymore. If you’re looking for something like chromed valve covers or bullet headlights, we have just what you need. The days of endless online searches or in-person hunts for the right components are over. Come to OTB Gear and get what you want, when you want. We’re car enthusiasts focusing on hot rods, and our goal is to provide you with all the durable retro design products for your street machine.

Engine Dress Parts

The engine is one of the most important parts of a vehicle. Its meticulous construction makes it a tricky fix when something goes wrong because the malfunction could be in any part of the system. We know that our customers are very savvy about vehicles, which is why when it comes to specific car pieces like engine dress parts, OTB Gear has it. Browsing in a store can be inconvenient, especially if they don't have the pieces you need; our company has an expansive inventory at your disposal, so you can take your time browsing throughout the website.


Everything is organized in its respective category where you'll be able to find exactly what you need. Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you find engine dress parts if you're not sure about what would work best. Car engines are generally very similar, but some models may require different parts than others. You can rely on us for services that are not just for fixing the car you have, but also for those who are customizing their rides. Build your vehicle the way you want it with the convenience of having everything you need in one place.

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Just What You Need

No matter what project or customization you’re working on, you can find everything you need in our vast inventory. We’re happy to help and make shopping for car parts an enjoyable task more than a chore. If you can picture it on your car, we can help you find it. Everything we offer is professionally crafted because, as car lovers ourselves, we know that nothing is too good for your baby.