Retro Designed Custom Car Parts in Walnut, CA


We have all witnessed significant swings in consumer product design since the post-World War II birth of the industry. Just like clothing and other industries, the trendy look of hot rod parts has taken some radical directions at times. Our retro designed custom car parts in Walnut, CA are our passion.


Our first project was to recreate the much-admired Guide 682 series of headlights. This was a major undertaking for a small company. It had to be done right. As good as the original design was, it had to be made better. Moreover, it is better. Since then, we have gone on to additional products, but always staying within our niche of retro or old school design.


Hot Rod Market Accessories

When you customize your vehicle, it can be an exciting process. At OTB Gear, we know that with the right tools, you can transform an ordinary car into something amazing that represents your personality. Finding the best hot rod parts and accessories isn’t always easy.


When you’re ready to get to work on your hot rod, our team is by your side and happy to help. Our traditional hot rod lighting can help you enhance your vehicle the way you see fit. As car enthusiasts with a focus on hot rods, our goal is to make durable, quality, retro design products accessible to every consumer.


Keeping Things Running Smoothly

It’s great to have your ride looking its best, but there is always a concern about performance. If your car doesn’t perform well, you’ve invested a lot of time and money on something you can’t genuinely enjoy. You can make sure your vehicle performs efficiently by using our fuel induction air breathers. Our breathers improve engine efficiency by ensuring you are getting clean air in your intake.


Our commitment to keeping the original appeal of all the parts we offer remains true. We do, however, feel that they not only look good, but the design is better than the originals. More durable parts mean that you get to enjoy your ride longer. Discover all we have to offer by reaching out to our experienced staff today to answer any questions you have.